Miletus on Raspberry Pi 5 64-bit

I see that Miletus is now supported on 64-bit Raspberry Pi (thanks!) however it's not working for me. Presumably I'm missing a step but there's nothing in the PDF doc about it.

Having copied my built application to the Pi, when I try to run it from a Linux command line I get "cannot execute: required file not found"

I have installed libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev as on 32-bit.

Do I need to install anything else?

There's no 64bit-specific Raspberry Pi build option so I assume that the regular one is correct.



Normally no.

Are you sure? There should be Debug-Raspberry-Pi64 and Release-Raspberry-Pi64. Is this an existing application or a newly created one?

It's an existing application. I'll create a new one, thanks.


I've created a new application and I see the Pi-64 options in that. So I'll move my forms/code over from the existing application. Thanks!


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So, I've now built a do-nothing application for Raspberry Pi 64-bit, copied the binary and run it. This is what I get:

That's on a brand new SD image with nothing done to it except the usual sudo apt install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev and enabling ssh (for file copy) and VNC.


If you did VNC then you most likely disabled Wayland, is that correct? We've seen similar with Wayland disabled, and we were able to reproduce it with the Epiphany browser which is also using WebKitGTK.

Unfortunately we were not able to find a fix for this other than enabling Wayland and hooking up a separate screen for the Raspberry Pi.

I didn't disable Wayland, but maybe that's done automatically with a VNC connection, or with VNC enabled. I'll try again with VNC disabled.

I don't have a monitor connected currently but the HDMI out goes to a USB video capture device on my PC. I doubt that makes a difference but I'll connect a monitor anyway.

Monitor was only necessary due to the lack of VNC as we wanted to see the desktop. If you can solve it without, then feel free to do so.

I've done a bit more testing, with a fresh SD image. I used raspi-config to set the system to Wayland or X, rebooting each time. What I see is the opposite of what you saw - a vanilla Miletus 64-bit app is OK with X but has a corrupted display with Wayland. This was all with VNC disabled.

Then, with X running, I enabled and connected over VNC and it was still OK.


Thank you for reporting back! Glad you got it working.

Strange, must be some sort of difference between versions then. We have a Pi4 and Pi5 here both running 64bit PiOS that are a couple of months old. It is indeed the opposite, Miletus apps work on Wayland and have a corrupted look on X. Both were a fresh install at the time and were not modified in any way apart from the installation of WebKitGTK.