Manual install with C++ Builder

Hello, I would like to install the pack having only C++Builder 10.4 personality, no Delphi personality. Automatic installation (as far as I know from trial version) modifies many settings both in my OS PATH and inside C++Builder IDE settings. I would like to avoid this. However I cant find any *.cproj package files. Just *.dproj files which can't be opened without Delphi personality. Manual creation of these *.cproj would be very tedious. Do you have any advice for it?
Thanks in advance for your help.

If you want to perform a manual install in C++Builder, you need to use the MSBUILD tool to perform a compilation of the packages from the command-line.
This is described here:

I know I can compile dproj with a Delphi compiler using command line. Unfortunately I cant edit dproj in order to change any seeting (like directories, $(env), variables etc, because C++ Builder cant open nor edit dproj file. Seems the only possibility to change the seetings is to edit with text editor. Looks not very promissing.

This is the first time we get this request.
All users expect the installer to just install the components.

I know there are no many C++Builder users. We prefer when compiling different versions of our software just to open pckages with resources and buid them rather than reinstall the setup. We got used to our habits through years. Would it be possible for you to create such packages? I mean .cbproj.
I tried to create manually the C++ Builder package TMSVCLUIPackPkgCXE13.cbproj, added manually sourse files which are included in TMSVCLUIPackPkgDXE13.dproj, made some folder and switches adjustments which I usually do in such cases. And tried to build the package. Unfortunatelly I get error messages during asguni.pas compilation:
asguni.pas(572): error E2037: E2037 Declaration of 'Get' differs from previous declaration
asguni.pas(577): error E2037: E2037 Declaration of 'Insert' differs from previous declaration
TMS VCL UI Pack\asguni.pas(850,58): error E2010: E2010 Incompatible types: 'PWideChar' and 'array[0..6] of AnsiChar'
asguni.pas(2610,26): error E2010: E2010 Incompatible types: 'PWideChar' and 'PAnsiChar'
pasall.tmp(209,2): error F2063: F2063 Could not compile used unit 'asguni.pas'
Seems the compiler expects String and Char instead of AnsiString or AnsiChar.
However I was not able to find the corresponding compiler switch. When I look at dcc commandline generated during building it seems it has same switches as when it is called by MSBUILD. Perhaps you know what switch is it to compile it right under IDE.
BTW: MSBUILD from command line works fine in my case. However when I use the option: Use external MSBUILD in Delphi settings, it fails with same errors as above.
I would appreciate any comment.

Our distribution is based on .dproj files that are compiled by MSBUILD and this has been working for years and we had not a single other request for customizing packages or .cbproj based packages. Also, for us, this effort and extra complexity needs to be multiplied by 16 C++Builder versions we support. You understand that this isn't feasible.

For your package compile issue, I suspect the correct TMSDEFS.INC file is not being picked up and suggest to look at this first.

OK, I will try to live with MSBUILD. From what I can see in the .pas files, the .inc is called in every module just at the beginning. Assuming the inc file itself is correct, it should work. Ok, I will see if the inc is correctly processed and probably I will give up as I have to keep up with other development. I have other questions related to TDBAdvGrid, but I will open a separate thread for it.
Thank you