Linux support plans

Hi TMS Team,

Decided to ask before spending time on logging for Linux platform. I know that Linux is not in the list of supported platforms, so, just a question. Do you plan to add Linux supprort in the near future?


Yes, Linux support is definitely planned for TMS Logging.

Any idea when you expect this support?
For now I have simply removed TMSLogger from my project when compiling for Linux, but I want to add it the moment it is available.

Probably in April.

Release 2.0 is out, however Linux is not supported. Is Linux still on the Agenda?

Good question. I was disappointed too. I have postponed part of a project until Linux support was realized.

Sorry about that. We had a huge work refactoring internals in TMS Logging deploying, now we are going to focus on Linux.

Ok, fine. Do you have any idea when we can expect it?
Don't want to rush you, but I have a huge LInux project coming soon.

It will be in the very next version. We are working hard to have it until end of May or maximum beginning of June.

Hi Wagner,

any news on TMS Logging and Linux?

Yes, it's been released in July, version 2.1:

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