I just ran into a problem...
I have included a tgroupblock with some linkpoints. Normally when I do a mousemove above the groupblock and I'm over the linkpoint, the hand will change and I can draw a line from that point to another linkpoint.
This is working in the simple demo. But if you take the "getting links" demo, there you can not do it but need to select a line before it works.
Think this is a setting somewhere but can't seem to find it

Stupid me, its the "autocreatelinkpoints"...


hmmm, nope it isn't. Doesn't work either

It's ConnectionLineId property, which indicates the line to be automatically created when clicking on a link point. By default it's empty and user needs to explicitly insert a line object to connect link points.

cool thx!

Hmmm, thought this property could be set on the block but it isn't. The problem I'm facing is that in the 'simple' demo, when adding a block you just need to hover over a linkpoint and the mousecursor changes to a hand. The line is automatically created when clicking. While in my implementation, the "hand" cursor is not there... (same goes for the 'getting links' demo). Any idea?

Ok, got it, its a property of the atdiagram.