How create links

I want to make automatic link mode for lines-blocks. That is, for example  - when I drag line's end on some block, new anchor occurs automatically and this line will attached to block always (when moving block).
I 've read manual and inserted the code
procedure TForm1.diagInsertDControl(Sender: TObject;
  ADControl: TDiagramControl);
  if (ADControl is TCustomDiagramLine)
    then (ADControl as TCustomDiagramLine).RequiresConnections := True
  if (ADControl is TCustomDiagramBlock)
    then (ADControl as TCustomDiagramBlock).AutoCreateLinkPoints := True;
But I can't reach the desirable result  =(    What should I do?

What problems do you have? Setting AutoCreateLinkPoints should work, a new linkpoint would be created at the position where the line's end is dropped.

Wagner R. Landgraf
TMS Software Team

Yes, new linkpoint is created. Then, I want to prevent a line from being dettached from a block when I move the block.
But the line detaches!