Link Points

Hi all,

to save some wasted time in trying to implement impossible things I have some principle questions:

Is it possible to define only one link point in the middle of the block and to have the block in the foreground if it is connected with another block, i.e. hiding the link point in the middle of the block and the connection line from the link point to the border of the block?

Is it possible to draw other symbols than crosses for the link points?

Can I restrict link points to be input or output link points, i.e. that connections are only possible from output points to input points?

Thanks, Rolf

I could create a link point in the block middle but it doesn't seem to be possible to hide the link point (maybe with Style = ptNone) and send the connection line in the background. The connection line is in the foreground and that looks rather ugly.
Draw other symbols: with Style (ptEllipse, ptRectangle, ptDiamond, ptCross, what means ptImplicit? There is no description about this value.
Can I use only the predefined styles or is it possible to draw an own style?         

Ok, I got it!

I set one link point in the middle of each block. I created and attached the line and sent it to back.
Next challenge: I would like to have an arrow on the line but it wouldn't be visible because the block hides it. I could not found an event handler OnDrawLine. There are event handlers OnDrawBlock and OnDrawLinkPoint to customize drawing of blocks and link points but how can I customize line drawing?

Hi Rolf,

Having exactly the same questions, but apparently nobody responded to this for 2 years ?
Did TMS or anybody else provide any solution or hints ?

Hi Hans,

Maybe it was a mistake to write that I got it. So, they didn't recognize that there are still open questions:

  • If it's possible to draw an arrow in the middle of the connection
  • If it's possible to draw other symbols than crosses for the anchors

Hi Rolf,

Not sure on the crosses (but pretty sure you should be able to do that... Most of that code is written pretty nicely imho).

For the "middle of the connection... Yes, but I had to write it myself.  If you have a source-code included license, send me yr email and I'll share a few hints.

Ki rgds