Creating link points in lines

What I want is to create a link point in the line in the spot where the user drag some other line's handle, so this other line would be connected to the created link point. The image here shows things better.

In this example, the link point to be created is pointed by the purple arrow. This has to be created when the Line 2's handle is dropped on the Line 1. Then the Line 1 would be connected directly with Block 2 and Line 2, each one with a respective link point.

What would be the best approach to achieve this? I've tried to descend a class from TDiagramSideLine (that's the kind of line I want to use) and to add some link points to the LinkPoints property, but the points are not drawed nor even connectable.

Here's a real example from EIKON LogicBuilder:

The red circles mark the link points.

Hello Marcelo,

unfortunately it's not possible. Lines only have two linkpoints, in the beginning and end of line.