is it possible to use FlexCel with Lazarus/FPC? I need the ability to read the Excel file and get the contents, not the reports.
There is a old FAQ from 2010 but I am not sure about it.

Kind regards


Sorry, currently it is not possible. FlexCel up to v3 do work in lazarus, but they only open xls files, not xlsx. FlexCel 6 uses a lot of stuff that is either not supported or buggy in fpc and it can't be compiled. Thousands of internal errors in generics, and other stuff like anonymous methods isn't supported yet.

We do keep an eye on lazarus and try to compile every about 6 months, but we've had no luck yet. Once the number of issues gets to a reasonable number we will write a workaround for the missing stuff, but right now there is just too much to workaround as to be viable.

I wish I had better news but this is the current status.