It is not possible to compile the Flexcel Core 7.21 into Lazarus 3.0 FPC 3.2.2

FlexCel Version: 7.21
After installing the packages, when I try to compile it, I get the error:
If you remove the FF option:


Please test Flexcel in Lazarus 3.0 FPC 3.2.2 and fix the problem.
I just bought this component and hope to implement it into my project.

Step 2.
wenn replace {$i} with constref:


Sadly It is indeed impossible to compile FlexCel with FPC 3.2.2. We mention it clearly in the lazarus documentation:

It is not really about the -FF parameter (which is a new feature in trunk that allows to compile the resources directly, and it is a time saver, but could be avoided), but anonymous methods, which we really need to be able to compile the 1 million+ lines of FlexCel in FPC.

Anonymous methods were announced in 2022: Feature announcement: Function References and Anonymous Functions
Shortly after this announcement, we made our full codebase compatible with FPC, and announced experimental support: TMS Software | Blog

The idea is that once anonymous methods get into a stable release, we will support them officially. But they are still not in stable, so we still are at experimental support.
If you look at the last page of the link I mentioned: Feature announcement: Function References and Anonymous Functions you'll see they are supposed to be enabled in FPC 3.4.

If you want to use FlexCel with FPC, you sadly need to get "trunk" fpc with fpc deluxe (as mentioned in the flexcel docs), or at least a version that has anonymous methods enabled (and -FF would be a plus, but that can be fixed easily).

If you can't use fpc trunk (which I can understand), and you don't have any other use for FlexCel with Delphi, please write to me to and we'll send you a refund for your purchase. We might actually end up removing FPC support completely if we can't get a stable fpc release with anonymous methods, it is just too much work to try to support an always changing trunk version.