Lazarus, Linux and TMS WEB Core instalaction

Installation problem again
TMS WEB Core v2.0.0.2

The wrapper installer has finished extracting the necessary resorce for installing the TMS WEB Core
Please check one or more Delphi/Lazarus version(s) that have been detected on your system to processd with installation.

I only use Windows to open the TMS package.
So far i have installed

TMS FNC Core 2018 DEC to 2022 JUN
TMS FNC Blox 2021 FEB to 2022 JAN
TMS FNC CloudPack 2020 MAR to 2021 FEB
TMS FNC DashBoardPack 2018 DEC to 2019 APR
TMS FNC UI Pack 2019 APR to 2022 JUN

I keep having a problem with the installation of TMS WEB Core on the same windows.

Please apply the same solution as I suggested for and