IWWebOSMaps not working with https

I am using the IWWebOSMaps to present data on an open street map in my intraweb project.

It works perfectly when my project is using http but when I switch to https does the map functions stop working. It seems that it is never loading.

The projects work fine with all other functions within the https environment. except for the Open Street.

Is there anything I need to do to get it working in https?

I am using RAD studio 11 with TMS IntraWeb WebGMaps v1.6.3.0



Can you please check if any JavaScript errors are displayed in the the browser console?
Please also confirm if you are using WebGMaps or WebOSMaps?

Sorry for the late answer.
it is the TMS Intraweb WEBOSMaps version I am using. (Latest version)
There is no errors displayed on the browser. It simply shows a blank page.
Is there anything I can do to display further info?


The issue is most likely related to the default script URL which uses HTTP. Can you please try changing the URL to use HTTPS?

TIWWebOSMaps1.MapOptions.ScriptURL := 'https://openlayers.org/api/OpenLayers.js';

If the issue persists, please check for JavaScript errors in the browser developer toolbar (press F12, then select the "console" tab).


You are right. When I hard coded the change to HTTPS did it work.

I did the following 2 changes:
TIWWebOSMaps1->MapOptions->ScriptURL = "https://openlayers.org/api/OpenLayers.js";
TIWWebOSMaps1->MapOptions->StyleURL = "https://openlayers.org/api/theme/default/style.css";

Have you ever thought about letting the component auto detect if the connection is done via http or https? This would make life easier :->

regards peter

Thank you for your suggestion. We'll consider adding https support by default in the future.