I am using Intraweb 15.5.5 and TMS intraweb Getting error 'Socker Eror # 10053, software caused connection abort' when fire the IWHTMLLabel. AsyncClick event. It is working correctly in all other TMS intraweb components.AsyncClick

We are not aware of any issues with the TIWHTMLLabel AsyncClick. I have not been able to reproduce this issue.

Does the issue also happen in a new project that only contains a TIWHTMLLabel component?

Yes, this is what I tried, both the cases getting same error.

procedure TIWForm1.TIWHTMLLabel1AsyncClick(Sender: TObject;
EventParams: TStringList);

procedure TIWForm2.TIWHTMLLabel1AsyncClick(Sender: TObject;
EventParams: TStringList);

I am not getting this error in the older version

Can you please specify which older version you are referring to?

Intraweb 15.3.5 , TMS I don't remember the version but we purchased it on 25/02/2023 with the reg code xxx.

we have one application developed in the above version and it is working properly in the production, when migrate it into the new version we got this issue

There haven't been made any changes related to the TIWHTMLLabel recently. So it is likely this issue is caused by a breaking change in between IntraWeb versions or in your application.

As I have been unable to reproduce this, can you please provide a ready to run sample application that demonstrates the issue?

Please don't share sensitive information like reg codes in a public post for security reasons.

thanks for quick reply.
you can download the simple application from the below link. It is developed in Delphi 12

This seems to be a general IntraWeb related message which can be safely ignored.
As mentioned in the following Atozed forum post: IW 15.0.22 is out

ok I will check with Intraweb but am getting such a message only on this control, and due to this click event is not firing properly