OnAsyncClick event disappeared after install

** this is almost a copy-paste of the same question from another post, but with version now

when i load one of my projects, i get this message, like TMS removed the TIWAdvCheckGroup.OnAsyncClick's event... :
Error reading TIWAdvCheckGroup1.OnAsyncClick : Property OnAsyncClick does not exist. Ignore the error and continue?
NOTE: Ignoring the error may cause components to be deleted or property values to be lost.

                            Ignore | Cancel | Ignore All    

of course, when i look at TIWAdvCheckGroup1's events in the Object Inspector - there is no "OnAsyncClick" event.
i got this error only for TIWAdvCheckGroup.

i cleaned the old installation before installing this one of course.
using Delphi XE2-Update4, IW12.2.23, TMS IW pack

Thanks !


Please note that the OnAsyncClick event had to be renamed to OnAsyncItemClick due to breaking changes in the IntraWeb framework.
You should be able to safely ignore the error and then use the new OnAsyncItemClick event.

oh, i didn't even noticed that...  lol

Thank you very much for your help Bart !