Image from file?


I using a TMS TDBAdvGrid for showing some data (One picture in first col, and some html formated text in second col).
Html formated text works great, but, in database filed isn't stored blob (image), it's a filename in string type.
Can TDBAdvGrid automatically create/load image in cell represented with its filename?
Any tip/trick to do this?
ShowPictureFields is checked,  PictureField property is checked to.
Must I use a: CreateFilePicture(0,1,True,ShrinkWithAspectRatio,5,haCenter,vaCenter).Filename := someimagefilename in some eventhandler (which?) and do this images loading "mannualy"?


The only way would be via HTML formatted text  where you use a HTML template and insert in that template the specifier file://imagefilename as SRC for the image.

Thanks! i Tryed html template and img, but file:// was missing.
Thanks a lot.

May be at future You can add this feature for image type columns? Same functinality have a Fast Report's image control.

We've added this on the feature request list for investigation.