TWebDbImage usage


Could you give me a simple usage example of TWebDBImageControl component? I don't know how to display the image that is stored in the DB.

1. Is it enough to set DataSource and Datafield to display a picture?
2. Is there a more extended description of BaseURL property
3. Is there any example (there is none in the supplied demos)?


Please note that the TWebDBImageControl component is not designed to display images stored in the DB. Instead you can specify an URL to an existing image on a webserver and display that image.
Assuming the DB field contains the full path to the image it is sufficient to set the DataSource and Datafield properties. If the DB field only contains a file name, the BaseURL property can be used to add an URL prefix. 

Examples are available in the Demo/Basics/DataSet application included with the TMS WEB Core download. This demo does not contain a TWebDBImage specifically but the usage is identical to that of a TWebDBEdit for example.
A detailed description (including the BaseURL property) can be found in the PDF manual available from the product page: