I was pleasantly supprised with the new functionality of IwAdvWebGridPDFIO.

But when I tried this, I noticed that I only can select an IwAdvWebGrid, but not an IWDBAdvWebGrid.

Is this by design, or will it be possible to use IWDBAdvWebGrid in the future?

Regards, Paul


Unfortunately this is currently not supported.
Support for IWDBAdvWebGrid will be available with the next release of the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro.

Hello Bart,

Thank you for your answer.

Will ther also be an updated developer guide?

Regards, Paul

Hi Paul,

A sample that demonstrates the use of the IWAdvWebGridPDFIO can be found in the TMS IW Features Demo application on the "Grid Export" page.
Is there any specific functionality of the IWAdvWebGridPDFIO you require support for?