Installing Grids


Not sure if its just not supported, yet, or if its something I need
to do.
I noticed that the website was saying that the latest Component Pack

supports Intraweb 11 so I downloaded it and was messing around trying out a

few things.  Noticed that the Grids were not installed yet, so I tried

installing the package with them.  In IWWebGrid on line 8578 it was

complaining about WebApplication.IsPartialUpdate. I am assuming that it

means that the Grids do not support IW 11 yet as they removed PartialUpdate

(I think).  But I thought I would check to see if its just a step I missed

with updating the .inc file.

Thanks in advance!

All controls in the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack do have support for IW 11, but there was indeed a problem in the IWWebGrid with an incorrect conditional define.

The problem has been fixed and the update will be available with the next release.