Inserting and deleting rows asynchronously

Is it possible to insert a new row or delete an existing row in a TTIWAdvWebGrid asynchronously?

Unfortunately it's currently not supported to asynchronously insert or delete rows in the IWAdvWebGrid control.

This is only supported for the IWDBAdvWebGrid control.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll investigate if this functionality can be added in a future version.

Thanks Bart. I look forward to hearing the result.

Another issue I came across with asynchronous editing is that you can't change the MouseSelect value asynchronously. So although you can put the grid in edit mode, you can't then change MouseSelect to msNone to stop the user clicking on a different record from the one they are editing.

Also the PagerType enumerated list has the last entry mis-spelt (ctpNone instead of cptNone). Not sure whether this is deliberate or not.

  • Currently asynchronously changing the MouseSelect value is not supported because this would require a lot overhead to adapt the grid to the new mode. 

    - The cptNone spelling has been fixed.
    The update will be available with the next release of the TMS IW Component Pack.

Is the inserting and deleting rows asynchronously already implemented?
I would love to see that :D

Async inserting and deleting rows in the IWAdvWebGrid is on our feature request list for review if this can be added in a future version.

As an alternative have you tried using the IWDBAdvWebGrid which does support this feature?