It does not install...

After opdating Web core and new FNC core + UI into VSCode it stopped working probably.
Please See attached screendump.

FNC should no longer be installed.
It is not possible to uninstall packages in VSCode for TMS components!
After uninstllang and deleting /userxxx/.vscode library stilll somehow previous installations is remembered!

Currently nothing nothing works as expected. Delphi I have but do not want to use anymore. It is slow and buggy. I prefer vsCode (and Lazarus).

Did you check under View, Command Palette, TMS Install Packages ?
Remove unneeded / old package references from there.
If you update TMS FNC Core, you should also update TMS FNC UI Pack, as TMS FNC UI Pack depends on it.

Thanks Bruno - that did it.
I am not sure how to remove. In VSCode nothing happens if if try to remove a checked package? Or is that not the way to do it?

Select the package and click the "Remove" button in the bottom right corner.

Yes exactly. But nothing happens. Maybe it is my installation.

I suggest you remove the entire TMS WEB Core Visual Studio Code extensions folder under
and then install TMS WEB Core again from scratch and after that, the FNC packages you want.