FNC Chart not working

I updated all FNC components yesterday on Delphi 11 and 12.
When loading any of the the IDEs or trying to enable any of the FNC Chart packages, (FMX, VCL, FMX/VCL designtime) it throws an error, as in the screenshot attached.
On IDE start I just accept that it will not load the package and everything else works fine, since am not using those components for my current project.
Before this update, it didn't show any error.

2024-02-23 10_50_16-Delphi 12

Please reinstall ALL fnc components, including tms fnc chart

I uninstalled all FNC components prior to reinstall the newest versions. Problem remains the same.

There must be something installed on your system that conflicts with the new installation. Also, please download the latest TMS FNC Core as well

Well, from time to time I check the subscription manager and reinstall if there is a new version. In this case, I reinstalled all packages, including FNC core, and that is where it started showing errors.
Whatever was leftover was an installer error.
All said, today I uninstalled everything again, including WebCore. Also went through the Delphi folders including the ones in the public user and erased some TMS bpls that were not removed by the uninstaller.
After that, I reinstalled everything and now it does not show errors anymore.
Anyway I think it is a bit of time wasted, when the installer should cleanup appropriately.