Issue intallation Delphi 11

I've installed Delphi 11 and try to recompile my projects but
TMS VCL Logging and TMS VCL GMAP does not recognize Delphi 11

Just for your info

  1. Is this the latest version of TMS Logging you have installed?
  2. We have not added support for Delphi 11 in TMS VCL WebGMaps. This product is sadly deprecated because Google stopped supporting the Internet Explorer engine some time ago and it is the Internet Explorer engine that is what is used underlying in TMS VCL WebGMaps. We have been working for quite some time and communicated several times about it that it is recommended to use its successor TMS FNC Maps that implements a future proof underlying browser strategy.
    See: TMS FNC Maps Hold the full power of mapping in your hand! Cross-framework, cross-platform, cross-service mapping component library

Hi TMS team and Bruno,

Ok for TMS VCL WebGMaps, I was not aware that this component has been dismissed, I’ll use TMSFNCWebGMap instead.

For TMSLogging, the problem is that the installer does not detect Delphi 11 on my PC (it’s working fine for all the other components of the TMS suite)
I include the screen shot where you can see the problem


Thierry MICHEL

We see no issues with TMS Logging and Delphi 11. See this topic, for example: Delphi 11 and TMS Logging. Are you Delphi 11 properly installed and configured?