When will TMS WebGMaps have support for XE11? Can a new version be released?

At present the installer does not detect XE11 and the manual build does not work out of the box.


Please note that TMS VCL WebGMaps has been discontinued and replaced with TMS FNC Maps. Therefore there are currently no plans to add support for Delphi 11 in the TMS VCL WebGMaps installer.

Manual installation for Delphi 11 should be possible by using the included package files.
Can you please explain exactly what is going wrong during manual installation so I can further investigate this?

At first glance the reason why the build failed was simply because a
{$IFDEF VER350} {$DEFINE somestuff}
was missing.
I have not investigated where / what should be defined however.

Can you please make sure you are using the latest version of the tmsdefs.inc file included with TMS VCL WebGMaps?

I will provide the correct version through a private message.