Intraweb 14 Charset


I am porting an app from Delphi 7 Intraweb 10 to Intraweb 14.0.34 Ultimate. on Delphi XE7.

The previous app is based in the uk and used the ISO-8859-1 charset which is now not settable in Intraweb 14.

The app is an ISAPI application.

the issue is for example I have an IWMemo on a form if the text contains a £ the server returns a 500 error regarding the charset. In standalone mode this does not happen. I have checked UTF8ContentParser.pas to ensure the bug that was reported was fixed and it has.

I desperately need to get this resolved as standalone is not an option.

I attempted to upgrade to 14.0.35 and this "appeared" to fix the issue but all my TMS web grids failed to render properly afterwards.

Is there a way of:

1) Changing the Charset (Easiest option I believe).

2) getting a fix for the ISAPI side of things.

3) getting some resolution to why the grids don't render correctly (all text is not visible if you highlight the text in the grid it's visible).

If anyone could assist it would be greatly appreciated as I am struggling to find forums/support options for Intraweb.


At this
time, we do not support IW 14.0.35 yet.
did several breaking changes in IW14.0.35 that we have not yet covered.

Can you try changing the default border and font color values in the TIWAdvWebGrid to see if that helps to avoid the invisible text issue?

For further assistance about general IntraWeb framework issues, please contact Atozed software.
There is an IntraWeb forum available at:

Has anyone tried with intraweb version 14.0.36?


Hi Francesco,

I fixed the controls in 14.0.35, it was down to the font color, I did a mass search and replace for missing font colours and it resolved the issue all is good now,

Thank you for the message.