TTIWMainMenu and Intraweb 15.1.6 +


starting from IW 15.1.6 TTIWMainMenu doesn’t work in my applications.
I usually place a TTIWMainMenu in a frame that I insert in a form whenever I need it. It is very convenient and easy to maintain.

What happens is that the now menu lost all the display settings (font, color, etc) and doesn’t fire the OnAsyncMenuClick event.

Creating a new clean project I found that the IWMainMenu works as usual if placed directly in the form, but not in a frame.

Is there anything I can do?


The general advice is not to use frame but SubForms. There are problems with the frame.

Of course I don't use frames as a way to dinamically load subforms. It's all static.I have applications with more than 70 different forms (most of them inherited by a few "master" forms) and I use frames just as header (with the menu) and footer of the form.
I have several applications that are up and running very well.
Everything was ok until IW 15.1.6 so something changed.


We have not changed our controls.
Have you contacted the supplier of IntraWeb?

Not yet because the problem is limited to TTIWMainMenu.
I will try.
Are you planning a new or updated version of your Intraweb Controls in the near future?


My expectation is that if the framework breaks a control, it should be fixed in the framework and it should not be that a workaround is being searched in the control (if that is even possible).