Interbase Support

Does Data Modeller support the creation of Interbase databases?

I don't see Interbase as a selectable option in the list of database types when creating a new database.
If it is supported, which database type should I use? Is there anything special I need to look out for when using that database type?

You can simply use Firebird option, and in the connection dialog, in "Vendor Lib" field, you can type "gds32.dll" so it will use Interbase client instead of Firebird. 

Is it best to use Firebird 2 or Firebird 3?
When I use Firebird 2 or 3 and try to import the resulting created SQL file, it errors on the second table. It seems it will only import a single table.

The error I get is:
EIBNativeException ->[FireDAC][Phys][IB]Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -104
Token unknown - line 9, char 0

The generated SQL code is:
CREATE TABLE EventSocialMediaServices (
  EventSocialMediaServicesID INTEGER NOT NULL,
  SocialMediaServicesID INTEGER NOT NULL,
  UpdateText VARCHAR(500),
  CONSTRAINT PrimaryKey6 PRIMARY KEY (EventSocialMediaServicesID)

CREATE TABLE Credentials (
  Name VARCHAR(50),
  CredUsername VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
  CredPassword VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
  CONSTRAINT PrimaryKey3 PRIMARY KEY (CredentialsID)

Line 9 equates to the second create statement in the generated SQL file.

My code to import the generated SQL file is;

Am I missing something?


I guess this is a FireDac misuse? I'm not FireDAC expert but I'm not sure if TFDQuery can execute multiple SQL statements. Maybe it's worth trying TFDScript? Google brings me this page:

TFDScript solved my issue. I wasn't aware of that component.

Thanks for your assistance and sorry to have wasted your time.