FB1.5 not supported?

Hi, newbie alert.

I am just starting to build a small portal for an existing legacy line of business system.  The DB has been hand built since 1995 and is currently FB1.5 dialect 1.  I have other questions that I'll post in more appropriate forums about the best way to package up the data to get it to the WebCore front end.

I just tried to reverse eng the DB and it only has the option for FB 2 & 3.  I tried using the FB2 settings  and pointed it at the 1.5 FBClient.dll. 
Data Modeler detected you are connecting to a database
server whose version is older than the selected 
(Firebird 2). Reverse engineering may not work 
Do you want to proceed?"
[DatS]-32 Variable length column [DOMAIN_NAME] 
Value length - [13], column maximum length - [10]"

So are all bets off.  In all honesty, of the 100's of tables in the DB there are only a few I am after and in fact I am likely to do them as specific views or even SPs to restrict access.

As I said at the top, I am at the start of my journey and don't know much about the data modeller and how much time it would have saved me vs starting at the Delphi code end.

Hello Mr. Chapman,

Indeed, we don't have specific tests for Firebird 1.5. It's a very old database and not as much used as Firebird 2.5. We have report of some users that were able to use Aurelius and Data Modeler with FB 1.5, but as I said, we didn't test it so in some situation is might fail, unfortunately.

Thanks Wagner.  Like all these rock solid technologies, its amazing where you still find them.  I still go onsite and people are using D5 etc. :-).  

Looks like I will build my entities unit by hand OR convert the DB for FB 2.5 / 3 and then once up and running convert the connection back to the older database.... hopefully.