Data Modeler incompatible with Interbase 2020?

I am unable to access Interbase 2020 tables (shipped with RAD Studio 11) with Data Modeler 3. I don't know why, but it is seriously impacting my ability to use XData. When will this be fixed, please? Thank you.

What error do you get?

[FireDAC][Phys][IB]unavailable database.
Protocol: Local
Database: full path...
Vendor_lib: BLANK
Charset: UTF8

This looks like a "regular" connection issue. Note that Data Modeler doesn't provide the dlls to connect to Interbase. You have to make sure the Interbase client files (i.e., gds32.dll) is in a location available for Data Modeler, or even better, that you put the correct and latest client files in the same directory as the Data Modeler executable (dm.exe). Have you tried to do that?

Copied gds32.dll into the dm.exe folder, tried again, same error… The dropdown choice is “Interbase 2017” not “Interbase 2020”…does that make a difference? When I pick “Interbase 2017” it looks for Firebird files (.fdb;.gdb), not *.ib files. Is that part of the problem?

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It works fine here. Here is the connection settings. The "Database" field full content is "C:\ProgramData\Embarcadero\InterBase\gds_db\examples\database\employee.gdb". What are you using?


It appears that the port is wrong. It should be port 3054 but shows 3050. Also, by Interbase database is XXXX.IB, not XXXX.gdb. If I change it to XXXX.gdb then I get this error:


I moved the database to this folder and changed its extension from *.ib to *.gdb

From IbConsole:

Michael P Lewis

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OK…got it…!!!!

Server name: localhost/3054

That solved it…and I left the .IB extension alone. It would be helpful if the file type drop down for the database name would include that extension (.ib) and not just *.gdb.

i might be equally helpful just have a port Edit box….? Thanks.

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