Support for IBDAC?

I am using Delphi Professional (latest version). As such, it is not possible to connect with "remote" database servers (even within LAN) through FireDAC. I am working on some new database applications and would like to support SQL Server and Interbase.

I now have two options: upgrade to Delphi Enterprise and use FireDac or purchase UniDAC/IBDAC. Unfortunately, upgrading to Enterprise is too expensive for my taste (in the sense of price/value; I have no need for the other additional features), so this leaves me with the UniDAC/IBDAC option.

Because I only need Interbase, UniDAC would only be additional overhead (and cost), so being able to use IBDAC with Aurelius (and XData) would be a great advantage!

Is IBDAC already supported? If not, are there plans to add this in the near future? Or - even better - are there plans to develop a direct driver (like SQL Server and SQLite)?

There is no official support for IBDAC, but since the classes are very compatible with UniDac (it looks like a stripped out version), some users just copied and pasted from Aurelius.Drivers.UniDac unit and created their own version for IBDAC. It's mostly a matter of changing the class names. Here is an example, attached.

We Intend to have our own drivers, but unfortunately the development is on hold to focus on other improvements. The next native driver will be for Postgres. We don't intend to support Interbase directly, but Firebird. (2.4 KB)

I tried but it didn't work for me. Actually I get this error:

Any idea? I really need IBDac because I use it in several projects.

Thanks in advance,

Please try this update and see if it works. (2.9 KB)