Intalling the script edition


I bought the last version of TMS for Intraweb. I am trying to install the "TMS Intraweb Component pack Pro Script Edition". I follow the instructions. However the file IW15TMSSEDXE13.dpk does not exist in the folder.

By the way. I am working with Rad Studio 10.4 and Intraweb 15.2.65. Other components planner, maps, security were installed correctly. Can you help me?

Camilo H.


Can you please try using the file "IW15TMSSEDXE13upd.dpk" instead?

Hi Bart,

Remove the reference in the package according to the instructions. However, the reference to "TMSDXE13.DCP" does not exist. Suggestions?

I am following the instructions:
Installing the Script Edition version with the TMS Component Pack

Please remove all AdvM* files and RTFEngine.pas from the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack directory
Remove references to AdvM* files and RTFEngine.pas from the IWxTMSSEDxx.DPK package file
Add a reference to the TMSDxx.DCP file to the requires list of the IWxTMSSEDxx.DPK package file