Install.txt issues.

Hi All,

I have sent the below as an email to support, but support have not had time to respond yet, so I kindly ask those of you who have been through the same, if you can help. NB! I'm using Delphi 10.3 Rio and IntraWeb 15:

Step 6 of the Installation instructions in the file Install.txt is, at best, very unclear to me. Where the rest of the steps nicely explain in which directories to find or execute the various files, step 6 only specify the files and hints.

I am wondering whether this step (or parts of the step) should have been carried out BEFORE the adding of Component Packages in step 5. Please clarify: Before or after adding component packages ?

And I specifically need help with the last part of step 6: Installing the Script Edition with the TMS Component Pack:

Please remove all ADVM* files and the RTFEngine.pas from the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Directory. I have unzipped the file to a sub directory “C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\TmsSoftware\TMS IWC”. Please confirm it is from this directory I need to remove the files from.

Remove references to AdvM* files and RTFEngine.pas from the IW15TMSSEDXE12.DKP package file. Again, BEFORE or after adding the Component packages in step 5.

And finally: Add a reference to the TMSDXE12.DCP file to the “required list” of the IW15TMSSEDXE12.DKP. How should the adding of a reference look ? I do not have any TMSDXE12.DCP file in the directory. Please give an example of how the section “required list” should look after the adding of the reference. And also and again, should this be done BEFORE or after the adding of component packages in step 5.

I hope some of you have had the same considerations and I hope you will be kind enough to explain how you did it.




This message was replied to via email.

I cope with the same issue. I am unable to locate properly TMSDXE12.dcp.

A reply by email would be appreciated



Please note that the instructions under "Installing the Script Edition with the TMS Component Pack" should only be executed when you have the product TMS Component Pack (now renamed to TMS VCL UI Pack) installed on your machine.
I’m assuming you do not have the TMS Component Pack (or TMS VCL UI Pack) installed as you mentioned you can’t find the “TMSDXE12.DCP” file on your machine and I’m unable to find the product in your order history.
If so you can safely ignore these steps.