Installing WebCore

Dear all,

again i have a problem with updating from to WebCore

I am using the subscription manager, displaying :

It says version is installed !

When Delphi 12 is starting, brand new installation !, the splash screen shows me that version is installed ?

I hope you can see my screenshots....

I could not find any version info from the components...

Smart Setup is not supporting WebCore yet, so this is not an option...

Any help much appreciated

Br Michael

-Close Delphi
-Uninstall TMS WEB Core via Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Software. Uninstall all parts from Windows Control Panel.
-Start Delphi and verify there are no more traces of TMS WEB Core.
-Install TMS WEB Core v2.4 from the same Windows user account as the one with which you run Delphi.

Hi Bruno,

i'll give it a try....
not very elegant, but still :slight_smile:

Hi Bruno,

this worked fine, thx.

  • Is this the recomended way to update, unless the product is available in Smart Setup ?
  • any idea the rest of your rocking tools and components will be available for Smart Setup ?


For TMS WEB Core , that has a particular complex setup, this is so far the 'safe way' to install an update.

For Smart Setup, the next wave of products you can expect shortly is FNC product line.

Hi Bruno,

nice :ok_hand: