Grids error

IDE: Delphi 10 SeattleOS: Windows 10

COMPONENT: TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro



The TMS TTIWDBAdvWebGrid will not unselect a row after a row has been selected.

Also get the following errors


 TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Nodes.NodeOpen error 

TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Nodes.NodeClosed error 

TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Glyphs.PostButton error 

TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Nodes.NodeOpen error 

TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Glyphs.CancelButton error

TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Glyphs.EditButton error

TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Indicators.Insert error 

TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Indicators.Edit error

TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Indicators.Browse error

Why are these properties not set to nil in the component itself? I am having to set all these properties to nil n m code as and when they arise in Production after going live. 

this is my previous post

Improvements in this area were added to the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack v5.9.0.0.

Can you please make sure you have correctly installed the latest version of TMS IntraWeb Component Pack?