Compiled with Different Version

Just installed the latest version of the TMS Intraweb Components with Delphi 2009.  First thing I did was add a gradient label to an existing form and compiled.  Received a DCC Fatal Error:

[DCC Fatal Error] IWTestLogon.pas(10): F2051 Unit IWTMSCtrls was compiled with a different version of IWFont.TIWFont
As an FYI: The Alignment property does not appear to have any affect on the text appearing in the label.  It is always centered during design mode.  Don't know if that is normal.
If I remove the TMS gradient label and add an Advanced Web Grid, then compile, I recieve this:
[DCC Fatal Error] cmsCasinoCompany.pas(8): F2051 Unit IWWebGrid was compiled with a different version of IWBaseControl.TIWBaseControl.InitPainthandler

Can you verify that in your library path there are no more old versions of TMS component pack files. Running the installer on a clean system should allow you to install the component on the TMS IntraWeb tab in the component palette. Make also sure there are no mixups in installed IntraWeb versions.

The issue with the Alignment property in the IWGradientLabel has now been fixed.
The update will be available in the next release of the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack.