installing flexcel 7.12 in xe10.1

Hello I´ve installed the new version (7.12, Timestamp 13.10.2021 01:27) and I´m not sure if this is really the latest version. I think this is a wrong installer. After installation the version.txt content is:
FlexCel Version: 6.25

I´ve produced some hardscopies for help searching the problem
Kurt Möller

Can you recheck the setup says "7.12" in the main screen?

I've just installed it here in a clean VM, and the version.txt says 7.12:

If your setup says indeed 7.12, the the other thing I can think is that you installed over an old version, and for some reason the old version wasn't replaced. Can you completely uninstall FlexCel, amke sure there is no version.txt from FlexCel in your hard drive, then reinstall?

Hello Adrian, I will do, but I don't think that this will be a solution. The last installed and used version was 7.11 (you can see it in the attachment of my mail) the backup folder is not listed in any search path and 6.xx was replaced some month ago with 7.11 . But I will test it!
Greetings from germany
Kurt Möller

Hello Adrian, I've done it - it works! I've controlled Windows/system/Software before and there were 2 deinstaller of tms flexcel . I started both and then I have removed the content of the targetdir. Now all files have timestamp 13.10.2021 7:12. and the version.txt file also contains version 7.12. And - the best - the excelfile with this bloody powerpivot seems to work. There is an error left at runtime that text and number can not be joined but that's a problem the xlsx developer has to solve. Thanks for your help!
Best regards! Kurt