Installation Issue

Windows 7 64bit, RAD Studio XE2

I installed FlexCel 5.1.2 using the Subscription Manager.  Though the installation is completed without any errors, I cannot see the FlexCel component palette inside Delphi.  The Subscription Manager is not showing the component under "Installed" list. It appears under "Downloaded" list.

How to fix it?


There is a known issue with the sub manager and FlexCel in that the sub manager reports FlexCel as not installed when it is, this will be fixed in the next FlexCel release.

But if it installs without errors then it is installed, no matter what the sub manager says. The reason there are no components in the component palette is because FlexCel 5 doesn't include any component, as non visual components have been replaced by classes. I've written about the change more in depth here: