Problem to install FlexCel v5.0

  I started to install flexCel on XE2 update 3  Win7 64bits, First the setup uninstall the version v3.5. The setup goes till the end without error.

But no components are available on the components pallet.  The packages were added and the library path are ok.

After try some ways to fix this, like recompile and install the packages manually, I reinstall the v3.5 and it is ok.

Any ideas?



I am not really sure on what can be happening, does your delphi installation have something different? Maybe some disabled packages in the registry? We haven't heard of this before.

 I tried again... but still can't install the new version v5.0.5. The version v3 install with no problem.

The flexcel packages are listed and checked on the Component/Install packages screen.

I also did a delphi re-installation. I am using delphi xe2 pro update 4.

My registry values:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\9.0\Known Packages]
"C:\Users\CUNHAJR\Documents\TMSSoftware\FlexCelVCLNT\Packages\bpl\Win32\FlexCel_Core160.bpl"="FlexCel Core Library"
"C:\Users\CUNHAJR\Documents\TMSSoftware\FlexCelVCLNT\Packages\bpl\Win32\FMX_FlexCel_Core160.bpl"="FlexCel Core Library for FireMonkey"
"C:\Users\CUNHAJR\Documents\TMSSoftware\FlexCelVCLNT\Packages\bpl\Win32\VCL_FlexCel_Core160.bpl"="FlexCel Core Library for VCL"
"C:\Users\CUNHAJR\Documents\TMSSoftware\FlexCelVCLNT\Packages\bpl\Win32\FlexCel_XlsAdapter160.bpl"="FlexCel Xls/x Engine"


Sorry, I misunderstood your first question, I thought it was a bout 3.5 not showing the components, I didn't realized it was about v5 components.

I think what happens here is simple, v5 doesn't install any components, it uses classes instead.
Look at "Structural Changes" in for more information.

By the way, we released 3.6 yesterday, which includes TXlsxAdapter, which uses v5 to feed the v3 components, and allows you to use a v3 FlexCelGrid or FlexCelReports with recalculation and xlsx support (as v5 doesn't have those components yet). 

but all in all, v5 won't have any non visual components, just simpler classes instead. 

 I will install this 3.6.