Installation error FlexCel

Dubbele Error bij compileren van VCL_FlexCel_Core260.bpl:
- [dcc64 Fatal Error] FlexCel_Core.dpk(1): E2225 Never-build package 'FlexCel_Core' must be recompiled (15177) []
- [dcc64 Fatal Error] VCL_FlexCel_Core.dpk(33): E2202 Required package 'FlexCel_Core' not found

- Installatie voor Win32 zonder problemen
- Foutmelding bij compileren voor Win64


This error means that you have an older FlexCel version (the 64 bits installation) which wasn't completely removed. So Delphi compiles FlexCel_Core, but when it compiles another package which depends on FlexCel_Core, it finds the old FlexCel_Core and gives you the error that it must be recompiled.

Please read more about it here:

If you uninstall, remove all FlexCel dcps and dcus, then install again, the problem should be gone.