Install abort C++Builder 12

Unfortunately I cannot install the Crypto pack because it always terminates with an error message. The log file says the following:

Error during build process.

"C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\TMSSoftware\TMS Cryptography Pack\TMSCryptoPkgDXE15.dproj" (Build target) (1) -> (_PasCoreCompile target) -> TMSCryptoPkgDXE15.dpk(32): error E2202: Package 'rtl' is required but could not be found [C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\TMSSoftware\TMS Cryptography Pack\TMSCryptoPkgDXE15.dproj]

0 Warning(s) 1 Error

This indicates that it cannot find the "rtl". But this is clearly in the corresponding path reference! Then the following. Why is everything always installed? Many environments are not installable at all in C++Builder12 (Android, iOS )!!! It would be nicer if the setup lets the user decide what to install. Please help with the installation!

With kind regards

M. Kegler