InspectorBarItems Misc Questions

I see InspectorBarItems have a ReadOnly property, but no Enabled
property. So, although the item does not get the focus, it is also not
shown in a greyed-out manner.

1 Is it possible (through OnDraw,
OnPaint type events?) to draw an item that is read-only in a disabled
style?  If so, how might one go about doing that?
2 Is it possible to
get access to the control associated with the InspectorItem and
manipulate its properties?  For example, if the PropertyType is
ptButton, is there a way to access that button?  I tried to see what the
ItemObjct propertyt was, but that didn't seem to be related.
3 Is it
possible to show the InspectorItem that has the focus with a different
background color.  In the default style that I am using at least, the
item that has the focus isn't indicated much differently than the

This is in regard to a Panel in the psProperties style.

  1. If you want to have readonly items displayed in a different way, you'd need to do custom drawing of the item using the OnItemDraw() event. In OnItemDraw, you can write code like:

    procedure TForm2.InspectorBar1ItemDraw(Sender: TObject;
      AInspectorItem: TInspectorItem; ACanvas: TCanvas; ARect: TRect;
      var DefaultDraw: Boolean);
      if AInspectorItem.ReadOnly then
        ACanvas.Font.Color := clSilver;
        ACanvas.TextOut(ARect.Left, ARect.Top, AInspectorItem.Caption);
        DefaultDraw := false;

    2. Several inplace editor controls are accessible, i.e. InspectorBar.Combo, InspectorBar.Edit, InspectorBar.DateTimePicker, InspectorBar.Spin, .... The button is not accessible, as we do not use a real TButton to show a button for an item.

    3. Would also have to be done using the technique as explained in 1)