Selection in TInspectorBar


I am using TInspectorBar verion

I added some panels and some items - icon plus text. If I click on item -  it colored. But after cursor move out from InspectorBar this selection is disappear. I selected items and want to see this after cursor move out. Please advice how can I do this?

And one more question. Now text place under icon. How place it right from icon?


Make sure you specify a color to InspectorPanel.SelectedColor and add an item click event handler:

procedure TForm1.InspectorBar1ItemClick(Sender: TObject;
  AInspectorPanel: TInspectorPanel; AInspectorItem: TInspectorItem);
  ainspectorpanel.ItemIndex := ainspectoritem.Index;

2) Change InspectorPanel.Style = psSmallIcon. In this style, text is right from the icon.

Thanks for selected color!

About place of text. I need add icons 50X50. If I change style to "psSmallIcon" I see only text without icon. How can it fix?

Sorry, at this time, it is fixed that psSmallIcon is for 16x16 icons and psLargeIcon style is for 32x32 icons. We'd have to extend the component to enable using larger icons in psSmallIcon style.

But in style psSmallIcon I can add icon 50x50. Is it normal?

And also. Can I set multiselect in TInspectorBar ?

  1. When the style psSmallIcon is selected, it will draw the icon as 16x16.

    2) The control is (similar to MS Outlook after which it is modeled), single selection only.

OK, thanks! Have you VCL control as TInspectorBar but with multiselect?

If what you need is an arbitrary list of (large) icons combined with text, you could use THTMListBox. You can insert (any) image via <IMG> tags combined with text and this supports multiselect.