Color in tInspectorItem


Into my application, when a problem is detected for information, the background is coloured in red.
It works perfectly for different components (tmsedid, tmsgrid, ...). But it seems not possible to do that with tInspectorItem ?
I didn't find a property like
list_Accessoire_Session.Panels.Items.Color := clRed;

It is a wrong way to display that ? or this possibility doesn't exist ?


The TInspectorBar panel background can be set via

InspectorBar.Panels[panelindex].Color: TColor;
Hi Bruno

thanks for your answer
but I am talking about the background of a specific item and not a panel using this kind of syntax :

list_Accessoire_Session.Panels.Items[J].Color := xxx;

Sorry for misunderstanding



There is at this moment no color property at TInspectorItem level.
If you want an item to have a different color, you'd need to implement custom drawing for the item for this and you can do this via the OnItemDraw() event.

thanks you
I will