Insert Row in TAdvStringGrid

I have a TAdvStringGrid containing Data and i would like to insert single or multiple Rows into that grid.
Somehow i don't get usable result Grid.InsertRows.
Do you have eventually a example showing how to insert rows and fill them with Data.
Thanks in Advance

Grid.InsertRows should do this. What exact problem do you have with using this?

Thanks for answering,

  • My grid is sorted by column 1
  • I get a list of entries to add to the grid. This should replace (Update) the already available rows entries
  • I set a filter on that column and check how many rows corresponds to my filter
  • If the new entry list is bigger than the filtered rows I add insert the missing rows
  • Then I add all the new entries
  • I clear the filter and the added row are always at the end and not in the order according to the sort of col 1

I already realized that after filtering row index depends of the filtered means if 3 rows are filtered the index will be 1 to 3.
The code I use is quite simple.

// Check assignemnment for Date
grdAssignedShift.FilterActive:= False;
with grdAssignedShift.Filter.Add do
Condition := sDate;
Column := 1;
Operation := foNONE;
grdAssignedShift.FilterActive:= True;

iRowCount:= grdAssignedShift.RowCount - 1;
// Insert Line if requiered
if iRowCount < slSelectedUsers.Count then
iRowToAdd:= slSelectedUsers.Count - iRowCount;
for i := 1 to iRowToAdd do
grdAssignedShift.InsertRows(i + 1,1);
grdAssignedShift.Cells[1,i + 1] := sDate;
grdAssignedShift.Cells[2,i + 1] := sDay;
// at this point i will the update all value from slSelectedUsers
// to one of the other column
// For i....
// grdAssignedShift.Cells[1,i + 1] := slSelectedUsers[i];

grdAssignedShift.FilterActive:= False;

Hope this explains what I try to do.
In fact it works except the grid is not sorted correctly
Thanks and regards

Try setting grid.FilterType = ftSuppress and then you do not need to take row index changes due to filtering in account

Thanks Bruno for our help,
In fact the only ting I had to add was grdAssignedShift.Sort(1); after inserting some record.
This issue is solved for my program.
Next will be Grouping and Regrouping after adding records.

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