How to Add records in filtered set

I have a filtered dataset, displayed in a TDBAdvGrid. Now when I try to add a new row, the row directly vanishes from the screen. After a long search, I found out that this is due to the fact that the new row doesn't meet the filter. This is correct, because that was my first action that i should perfrom, but I am nog getting the possibility to do that.

I tried to put code in the AutoAddRow event by filling the required cells, but that doesn't help.
Question: How can I prepare the addition of the record to be inserted such that it gets displayed on the screen? In other words: how do I fill the required data fields with the required values, without adding these fields to the screen off course?
Must be simple .. I must be overlooking something ...
Thanks in advance for your help!

I found out myself!

The OnNewRecord event in the relating table does the job.
However, I think this is also a minor bug in the implementation of the TDB(adv)Grid. Since in my view you should only then post the record when all fields have been filled in (i.e. when leaving the newly added row). Now the records gets pushed directly after entering the first field value, and then the data needs not be consistent!

Did you try to set grid.RefreshOnInsert = true?

Yes. And then I get yet another error message: something like Not enough data for key columns.

Is it possible (and if so, how) that I configure the grid such that a new record is only posted when the complete row has been edited/defined by the user? Because that basically is my problem: the record gets posted as soon as the first field has been typed, but the record is in an illegal state at that moment!

If your database has required fields, please set these required fields from the dataset.BeforeInsert event