impossible use demo on xe10.3

i have a problem with your demo,
after big work , build is ok
but allways on webrower error initialize

have idea please
best regards


We are not aware of any issues with the demo.
Can you please provide an exact description of the error (including a screenshot if possible), so I can further investigate this?

The problem is with adotable and so on

Error message: CoInitialize not call

(00214BF8){TestAdo.exe } [00615BF8] System.Win.ComObj.Win.Comobj.OleError$qqrl (Line 1468, "System.Win.ComObj.pas" + 1) + $11
(00214C07){TestAdo.exe } [00615C07] System.Win.ComObj.Win.Comobj.OleCheck$qqrl (Line 1475, "System.Win.ComObj.pas" + 0) + $7
(0049420A){TestAdo.exe } [0089520A] Data.Win.ADODB.Win.Adodb.CreateADOObject$qqrrx5_GUID (Line 1199, "Data.Win.ADODB.pas" + 17) + $0
(004999CA){TestAdo.exe } [0089A9CA] Data.Win.ADODB.Win.Adodb.TADOCommand.Create (Line 3123, "Data.Win.ADODB.pas" + 2) + $8
(0049A539){TestAdo.exe } [0089B539] Data.Win.ADODB.Win.Adodb.TCustomADODataSet.Create (Line 3422, "Data.Win.ADODB.pas" + 2) + $9
(004A52CA){TestAdo.exe } [008A62CA] Data.Win.ADODB.Win.Adodb.TADOTable.Create (Line 6720, "Data.Win.ADODB.pas" + 1) + $4

so have you a source code sample for iw security, whith database ?

so have you example with db express, is standard database delphi ?
if you are is very kind
best regards

Unfortunately the demo with ADO is the only sample available at this time.

ok, but ado , don't work properly with delphi xe 10.3.
I have other problem, i can't use in 64 bits, my test is ok on 32 bits and don't work in 64 bits ,
any soluce ?
best regards

Please have a look at this topic for 64bit:

i use tms intraweb security system,
on Delphi xe10.3.3
intraweb 15 on 64 bits

1/ impossible install security system 64bits
so can you give me package configuration for 64 bits

2/ on xe10.3 ado d'ont work on intraweb

can you make test and solve
best regards

i have buy tms security system yesterday, for use immediatly,
but i can't use due to compilation problem of your package in 64 bits !
witch help you can give ?
so if i cant use in 64bits, imust request refund
best regards

Did you perform a full rebuild of your app for 64bit target?

If the problem persists, can you please provide an exact description of the error during compile so I can further investigate this?

i have resolve problem by using server controleur option wizzard !
why, i don't know !

now other problem
impossible use encryt database, i have test all encrypt,
work well wiith unencrypted database sqLite firedata delphi
the are delphi run time error in regist and i can't read database.

so have you source code example in delphi routine for open encryted database in intraweb use.
my code work well in normal delphi application but not in intraweb

Have you any soluce ?

thank's lot best regards

It is not clear which type of database you are using?
Unfortunately there is currently no sample code available outside the ADO demo.

Does the problem only happen when using TMS IntraWeb Security System or also with a new IntraWeb application that only contains default IntraWeb controls?
If so, please contact Atozed for further assistance.

i d'ont understood why is not clear !
I have buy your intrweb sécurity components intraweb for build iwtraweb sapplication in x64 bits !
Your components are not in x64 bits but in 32 bits , and i can't use it.
so how i must do for use your components in 64 bits ?
is clear !

if i use yours component 32bits on 64bits project, this project crash !
if i test to build your package in 64 bits , i have error E2202 Package 'designide' request not found,
and designide is in 32 bits only,
so what i can do, is little bit urgent

Best regards

You CAN NOT and you SHOULD NOT build the packages for Win64. Packages are used to integrate in the IDE and the IDE is 32bit.

To use the components in a Win64 app, all you need to do is make sure the Win64 library path includes the folder where the TMS IntraWeb Security System sources are located and change your application target to Win64 and compile.