Cannot Compile TMS Security System with 64 bit


i used the automated install to install the components.
When i try to run the Demo in 64 bit, i get errors about missing units.
We us Rad Studio 10.4 and in "...registered\TMS VCL Security System\Delphi104Sydney" is only a Win32 folder. Other Components have the Win64 Folder in it but here it's missing.
Do u have any ideas how to fix this?
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Can you attach the log file? This is generated in My Documents folder.


We noticed TMS VCL Security System only compiles for Win32 target during setup. You can change the path to Win64 and update the library path, pointing to the source files manually. We'll investigate why there is no 64 bit support by default.


how can i do that?
When i change the Path variables to Win64 it wont Compile and when is want to install it manually it wont work either.
When i try to manually install the components in 64bit the project is missing the "designide". After researches this is a component, not available for 64 bit architecture.
Thanks for ur help.

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  1. Add the path to the source files in the library path, the source path contains .pas files

  1. Change the target of your application to Win64
  2. Compile your application

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