Aurelius Export does not create TDateTime anymore

I have a Table, that is declared like this:

The Aurelius Export used to export the last two fields like this:

   [Column('datumvan', [])]
    Fdatumvan: Nullable<TDateTime>;
    [Column('datumtm', [])]
    Fdatumtm: Nullable<TDateTime>;

Which is the way I want it and I expect it to be.
But suddenly I get this:

    [Column('datumvan', [])]
    Fdatumvan: Nullable<double>;
    [Column('datumtm', [])]
    Fdatumtm: Nullable<double>;

If I generate a PostgreSQL script, I get a correct script for the database:

CREATE TABLE defitemniveaus (
  itemniveauid INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('defitemniv_itemnivid_seq'::regclass),
  importid BIGINT,
  parent INTEGER,
  code CHAR(30),
  omschrijving VARCHAR(100),
  afbeeldingid INTEGER,
  datumvan TIMESTAMP,
  datumtm TIMESTAMP,
  CONSTRAINT defitemniv_pkey PRIMARY KEY (itemniveauid)

 So whats wrong? A bug in Aurelius?

The image I inserted in the post does not work.
It sows a page in the Data modeler of Table defitemiveaus. The fields tab says:

Field name   Datatype
datumvan     Timestamp
datumtm       Timestamp

Yes, it's a bug in TMS Data Modeler. Actually, it was. There is a new update available now which fixes this issue. Please use your automatic update to get the new version.

I've updated and it looks ok now!