Import and use WSDL (SOAP)


Does it exist a way or a tips to dynamically import and use a WSDL at runtime with Scripter ?

I know how to do it in Delphi (WSDL impoter) and after import it using Scripter import to tools (or manually write it).
But I would like to do the same at runtime (dynamically) like we can do in scripter with DLL.

Any idea ? Because doing it manually = Parse XML + HTTPcli (XML/get/put) in scripter is an hard work !

There is no builtin feature for import an WSDL. But if you can do it in Delphi, you can simply create a Delphi method ImportWSDL and registered it in scripter, and just call such method from the script.

Hello Wagner,

But does it exists a method in scripter to load an external library (class(TatScripterLibrary)) at runtime ?l

If I understood your question, yes, you can simply use AddLibrary method: Working with scripter | TMS Scripter documentation.

Yes in my software I have hundred of AddLibrary call.
But what I need it is to add a library at runtime from an external file. Like we can dynamically load a BPL/DLL or a COM (OLE) object.

Can you please be more specific? What do you mean by "add a library at runtime from an external file"?