TMS Scripter - import files for yours products

It would be nice if you provide import files for other products you sell.

At the moment I need to TMS Advanced Charts and TMS FlexCel Studio for VCL.

Rui Reis

Did you try to use the Importer tool?


I am a XE2 user.

I have picked files VCL.FlexCel.Core, FlexCel.XlsAdapter and FlexCel.Render .

It did not generate for VCL.FlexCel.Core, because error on line 409 "Int32Array = __FlexCelTypes.Int32Array;"

Problems like this are hundreds. (the array limitation)

The other problem is relative to namespace (I'm not sure), produces declarations like this one.


TatFlexCel.XlsAdapterLibrary = class(TatScripterLibrary)

    procedure Init; override;

    class function LibraryName: string; override;


What did I do wrong ? Can you help ?

Rui Reis

Flexcel is a rather complex library to import, the import tool won't be able to import it flawlessly. Simply put, it's not trivial to import some things in scripter, specially complex one, and flexcel is a very full-feature, complex framework. 

Specifically about Flexcel, I have some source code that imports the main (not all) Flexcel classes, I can send it to you. Please send me a private e-mail through our support e-mail address and I can send it to you.

Hello Wagner,
would it be possible (if time permits) to offer those import sources as extra download for registered users of the Scripter Pro product?
Thank you,

Hi Tobias, we still prefer to give the sources in a per-user basis for those who ask. Mainly because we can't provide official support to them for now, and adding it in the official scripter distribution would imply support for it.