ImageList and AdvGlowButton - problem


When I attach a ImageList to my AdvGlowButton, in imageIndex property it doesn't display the images that I have in my ImageList as other components do.


Why doesn't anybody give me an answer here? Anything wrong with my thread?

Does it show any Image at all, maybe you connect it wrong.

Was retested here and no problem can be seen.
1. Drop TAdvGlowButton on form

2. Drop TImageList on form and add at least one bmp
3. Set AdvGlowButton.Images := ImageList1;
4. Set AdvGlowButton.ImageIndex := 0

-> Imagelist image appears on AdvGlowButton.


when I set the AdvGlowButton.ImageIndex to the number of my image, it appears without any problem.

The problem is not that, the problem is that the list of image should appear in the imageIndex to be chosen one image, as many components does.

because of that, I need to open my image list, see what number is my image and after that set the correct number in
AdvGlowButton.ImageIndex.  Why couldn't it display the image as a list and you choose one?

did you get it?

It was not at all clear this was a designtime issue.

We investigated this and we've created a property editor for this control that will be available in the next update.

It's not just that control. Almost all controls don't have a design time preview of the selected ImageList index. You must check the index of the image in the ImageList before assigning it to the control.

Yes, a custom property editor must be assigned for each control where an imagelist is used.

If we have time, we'll apply this for other controls as well.

I'm a bit late to this party, but I just installed the most recent TMS VCL UI Pack. Was trying to add a TAdvShape with a TImageList. That went fine, but then I looked for the ImageIndex property... it doesn't have one? An oversight?

The imagelist is used for images invoked via HTML text. I.e. the HTML tag can be used with the attribute to set the imagelist index, i.e.