TAdvGlowMenuButton ImageIndex value displayed twice

In Delphi 10.4.2, Dark Theme, the ImageIndex property for TAdvGlowMenuButton displays twice and in a white background when not focused on that property.

When focused, it is correct:

I assume this is the IDE object inspector?
Our component is not doing anything special with this property and not registering any custome property editor for ImageIndex, so this can only be an IDE shortcoming that I suggest to report to Embarcadero.

Just following up...

Yes, the Object Inspector.

I noticed it was also occurring on some of your TAdvGlowButtons as well, but only some of them. The ones that show this issue have "Images" property set (TVirtualImageList) and the ones that don't show this problem do not have that property set. They all use actions (action manager is where the real images property is set) so not sure why some of the buttons have that property also set unless it was left over before I created actions for them. If I remove the Images property value from the button (not the action manager), the problem goes away and only one ImageIndex value present, plus the button image is still good. So I guess it was simply doubling up the ImageIndex from both the action manager and the button's Images property.

I guess not a bug after all. Some clean up on my end does it looks like.